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light bulb teamIt’s Wednesday…hump day as we sometimes refer to it.  What are your best and brightest employees doing today?   Working hard for you?  Or are they restless, bored, and looking for something new?  Hopefully they’re looking for a new experience, not a new job.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from one of these ‘best and brightest employees’.  She was looking for a new experience – some training that would engage, challenge and help her learn something new.  Sadly, she was frustrated with what she had been finding.

As she went on, she explained to me that while she likes to read, she gets bored reading to learn something new.  She loves her job and those she works with and for but she is bored.  She wants to contribute but doesn’t know what to do next. So she’s looking – right now she’s looking for an experience that will lead her to ways she can improve at work, ways she help her employer, ways that help her employer see her potential.  Sadly, she wasn’t finding it.  What she was finding was training geared for general population that looked boring to her.  She was finding training that seemed outdated because it looked at past ‘best practices’; she is looking forward to creating the next practice. She shared her frustration with me…because she knew I understood and I could help.

We are putting together a coaching plan for her outlining a way for her to feed her brain.  I could ‘hear’ her smile as we said good-bye and I could tell she is looking forward to our follow-up call.

Don’t be fooled – this isn’t about me or my experience with this caller – it’s about you and your company.  Smart employers know they need to ‘feed’ their key employees, those with the fire in the gut, that we go to because we know we can count on them.

What are you doing to feed your best and brightest before they spend today looking for something new?

Do something before you lose them to the employer who will take the time to feed them. Here’s an idea on three ways to do just that…  Read more…

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