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I’ve noticed businesses are starting to hire again.  Slowly but surely.  In mere days, sooner than we will probably be ready for, we’ll begin to see the holiday car commercials on tv; the toy ads are already airing. Hiring salespeople has always been an interesting art.  Sales folks, even the ones bad at closing the deal, can usually make a good pitch last long enough to convince you to hire them.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean you hired the Rock Start Sales Rep you thought you did.

As a matter of fact, 50% of businesses are dissatisfied with the new sales representatives they hire. Nearly 1 in 5 sales representatives will quit their jobs every year; 1 in 6 will get fired. 

Here are 3 ways to ensure your next sales hire will fail:

1. Hire most everyone, weed them out, and keep the good ones.  At the peak of the baby boomer generation, it seemed like no big deal to hire the wrong sales person. “Hire a group and let the cream of the crop rise to the top; we’ll let the rest go…” seemed to be the norm.

2. Hire the ones you enjoy talking to after all if you like them they’ll surely be successful, right?   Selling takes many avenues from lead generation to uncovering problems to positioning the sale to closing.  Enjoying your conversation with the applicant may mean they could be good at uncovering problems but it doesn’t mean they will generate leads or be able to close the deal.

3.  Hire without regard to your process and culture.    If they’ve had proven sales in one company that success will transfer to mine, right?  Not always.  If their sales cycle was short and didn’t require in-depth knowledge of the product and your sales cycle is longer and requires they take time to know the products before making sales you risk them leaving  your company before their first sale.

As a frugal business owner, I am not willing to risk lost sales while the ‘dart throwing’ hiring process works itself out. 

If you are of the same mindset, you’ll be sure you have a clear idea of what skills and behaviors are important for successful selling at your firm and will discipline yourself to ensure you match your applicants to your optimal performance model. 

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Nikki Ellison is a business advisor, executive coach and founder of Ellison Partners. Through proprietary skill acceleration programs and assessments Ellison Partners helps businesses achieve results.

© Nikki Ellison, 2012.

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