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Join us at the Metro Omaha Women’s

Business Center Forum:

Relationships are our most important currency. We can lose our jobs and we can lose our assets, but if we have a great powerbase, opportunities will come to us and we will recover quickly.

Within our organizations, if we have a strong powerbase, we get things done more easily and more opportunities and ‘hot’ projects come our way.

Join us at the Metro Omaha Business Women’s Center Forum “Success Series: Don’t Believe the Lie – The Glass Ceiling is NOT on Your Head.” We’ll look at your powerbase and how to improve it, so that you develop relationships up, down and across in your organization so that opportunities come your way before they are offered to others.

Identify strategies to move beyond the glass ceiling and improve your relationships, communication and powerbase at work.

We’ll show you a unique way to look at the formal and informal power you deal with every day and share effective ways to harness your influence.

In our presentation, you’ll better understand the importance and value of a strong powerbase and what influence has to do with it:

  • Assess where the power is and how your relationships stack up.
  • Create what your powerbase should like look like based on your vision for your career and your future.
  • Develop concrete steps to improve your powerbase.

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