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Businesses like to put off spending money on training by questioning, “What if we train them and they leave?”  While the trainers fight back with the sales pitch, ‘What if you don’t train them and they stay?” you get caught in the middle.  It’s not that your boss doesn’t want to invest in you or that you’ll leave if you are trained.  It’s an excuse bosses throw trainers because he or she doesn’t want to waste your time and their money on something that isn’t working.

We hear a litany of complaints about traditional training and development programs.  We can group them into 5 reasons your boss won’t invest in your leadership development:

1.  The content has no relevance to your unique organization or challenges.

2.  There are cute lists of “immutable laws” or “habits” but nobody gives you a practical way to do it.

3.  Training is the same for everyone.

4.  The much-hyped curriculum is generic and gives you no relief for ever-growing ‘To Do List’.

5.  Nothing of value is measured.

Coffee shops are full of people trying to get caught up on generic homework. Until more businesses realize there is an effective way to develop their next generation of leaders, the painful coffee shop experience is likely to continue.

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Nikki Ellison is a business adviser and master-certified executive coach. She Co-Founded ELEVATE Results and Franchise Success Institute with Andrew Neitlich, Founder of the global Center for Executive Coaching.  Their renowned leadership skill development program, ELEVATE Your Leaders, was recently launched as a licensed program and will soon be operating in 16 states in the U.S. along with locations in Canada and Southeast Asia.   Her firm, Ellison Partners, facilitates ELEVATE Groups in Omaha and offers certification workshops for Leadership Coaches and Executive Coaches.

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