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Congratulations to our Spring 2012-2013 leadership program graduates!  They are:

  • www.ellisonpartners.comCarmen Sirizzotti, Director of Strategic Staffing and Compensation at University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Cathy Spicka, Vice President of Accounting at DEI Communities
  • Crystal Thompson, Production Planning Manager Epsen Hillmer Graphics
  • Kari Heunink, Compliance/SBA Officer, Washington County Bank
  • Mike Arkfeld, Vice President of Operations at Titan Medical Group

We are proud of your leadership, your hard work and most of all we are proud of the business results you have achieved.  Read More!

Contact us today for a no-obligation, no pressure conversation about your leadership development needs and whether our program is right for you.  402.884.7300.

Nikki Ellison is a business advisor, master-certified executive coach, and founder of Ellison Partners.  Through effective leadership coaching, proprietary skill acceleration programs and assessments, Ellison Partners helps individuals and business leaders achieve results.

2013 ©Nikki Ellison

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My husband is a serious and thoughtful student of history.  I am obsessively consumed with what make people tick and what sets us apart from each other.

The presidential race has certainly spawned some spirited discussions between us about how people with such profound differences rise to compete for the highest office in the country.

His extensive studies into some of America’s great leaders; Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, and exemplary military generals lead him to believe that we as a nation have become soft because of our affluence and we have not been tempered by hardships.  Because of that, we have not developed the grit and determination that is acquired from overcoming them.

My slant is with regard to relationships and communication, constancy of purpose, discipline, and integrity.  I, too, have studied a wide range of exemplary leaders like Gandhi, Mandela, Churchill, and Thatcher, and what I see in them is their uncanny ability to lead by example, to stir up emotions and support through their articulation and people skills.

I think we are both right and I believe we are a society that is starved for leaders of unquestionable character.  Leadership is in short supply today in families, communities, and businesses, and is needed at every level of human endeavor, not just in the political arena.  Leadership at the bedrock level of our society is what will build the solid foundation needed for us to remain the greatest nation in the world.

I recently made a life-changing discovery!  Leadership has a specific set of skills, behaviors, and competencies that can be quantified and cataloged.  Because of this, it can be taught and measured.  Finally, a proven science in this area, a structured program that can be undertaken in the same way we create a training program for athletic competition!  I think this is exciting and life-changing news because it means we can all see measurable results in our ability to lead.

The new program I refer to is LEAP, or Leadership Acceleration Program, created through years of research and brought to you as a curriculum that will help you become the prodigious leader you are born to be.  Classes are starting in Kearney, Lincoln, and Omaha soon, and if you are serious about your personal growth, please contact us today about this proven opportunity for your strong future.

Betty Streff is a Human Capital Expert and Leadership Coach with Ellison Partners.  She facilitates the LEAP™ leadership acceleration program and helps ensure leaders have the employee data necessary to effectively and profitably manage their workforce.

©Ellison Partners 2012.

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