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LEAP Graduate Lynn Owen

Leadership Graduate, Lynn Owen, receives an award for Highest Gain in Leadership Competence from Ellison Partners Founder, Nikki Ellison.


Ellison Partners is thrilled to announce the graduates of the Leadership Acceleration Program.  Omaha has an impressive group of graduates and I could not be more proud of them!

Considering this group came to the program as successful leaders in their own right, we are happy to report each and every one of them still grew as business leaders racking up some impressive growth metrics and accomplishing some great business results.

The professional and personal growth achieved is nothing short of impressive:

  • Leadership Confidence measures grew between 13 and 38%
  • Leadership Competency measures 5% and 19%
  • Overall, 96% of Leadership Behaviors improved (67 out of 70)

What is most impressive, however, is the ACTUAL BUSINESS RESULTS ACHIEVED by the Cohort.  Here is just a sampling of what the bosses had to say about their Graduate’s growth and the business results achieved:

“She has become more committed to her career and her professional growth.”  She has grown in “her ability to make a decision and stick with it and make things happen; to find the right people to work with and delegating responsibility.  She (has become) excellent at recognizing talent and bringing together a good team.” 

*   “There have been many positive changes begin to happen over the past year. In the area of communication there have been large improvements, assessing situations before responding, communicating on the facts without an emotional effect, being more proactive and less reactive.  The organization of her duties and managing the process of her department is also improving.  She has made improvements in training, coaching, and managing her staff.”

*  “The largest improvement is evident with the process management of her team.  She has always been very active in helping her team with their tasks, but she has really begun the transition to ensuring that the members of her team have the tools and direction to be more self-sufficient, therefore reducing the amount of their work she is doing, and allowing her to continue to manage the process with the level of detail needed.”

“(She) has taken the lead in planning our Annual Manager’s Meeting.  She has excellent ideas.  Our annual meeting keeps getting better and better.  Much of our success can be attributed to her ideas and organizational skills.  I couldn’t be happier w/ the outcome of this event.”

Graduating Members of the Omaha Fall 2011 Cohort:

*  Ami Regalado, Vice President of Human Resources – Washington County Bank in Blair

*  Angela Lee, President of Strictly Business  Magazine – Omaha; Creator and Founder of Sholdit

*  Heidi Leapley, Customer Service Manager – Titan Medical Group in Omaha

*  Lynn Owen, Customer Service Manager – Brumbaugh & Quandahl, LLC PC

*  Sarah Schulz, Chapter Manager – Human Resource Association of the Midlands (HRAM) in Omaha

*  Suzanne Robinson, Vice President of Human Resources – DEI Communities in Omaha

Graduating Leadership members were presented with a bound copy of their ROI Executive Brief™. The ROI Executive Brief provides graduates with a snapshot of their successes which included their growth metrics detailing measured growth in 8 leadership competencies, 18 skill sets and 70 behaviors along with their leadership confidence growth data; a summary of their business results gained by applying their new leadership habits; an executive narrative of their leadershipi journey; a comprehensive listing of the leadership tool kits, tips and lessons learned and available for ongoing use; comments from their boss’s on the significance of their leadership skill improvement and a summary of their leadership year curriculum and leadership hours earned. Graduates also were presented a Certificate of Leadership and a gift from their Certified Executive Coach.

Congratulations to the Graduating Omaha Fall 2011 Cohort!

Nikki Ellison is a business advisor, executive coach and founder of Ellison Partners. Through proprietary skill acceleration programs and assessments Ellison Partners helps businesses achieve results.

© Nikki Ellison, 2012.

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