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2012 College World Series Stony Brook Seawolves

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Cinderella story? Or is there something to be learned from the Stony Brook Seawolves?

Most of you know Omaha is the home of the College World Series.  What you might not realize  is our firm and this blog originates from Omaha.  As ‘locals’, we love the stories that get told each year through the CWS.  This year we had great story unfold on ‘the road to Omaha’ in the form of a Cinderella team – the Stony Brook Seawolves made an unexpected appearance.

I love this picture of the Seawolves when they won the game that sent them to the College World Series.  I love their sign. I love what it stands for. Results.

I find ironic that we’ve become a nation of sports fans yet when we go to work we often  approach our jobs with unsportsmanlike conduct.  I’m not talking about bad behavior that can get you fired. The unsportsmanlike conduct I refer is our lack of results produced.

Our nation is suffering from it.  Our businesses suffer from it.  We personally suffer from it.

I ponder how we, the companies we work for and our nation, would be different if we approached work with the same tenacity that the Stony Brook Seawolves approached ‘The Road to Omaha’.  What if we spent a little more time on actions that drive results and less time on those things without any real correlation to results?  Imagine the “Shock the World” sign we could wave!

We see it all the time in the sports and fitness world.  You know the drill:  work with a coach/trainer to design a plan specific to the result you desire.  A few will work the plan and achieve or exceed the desired results.  We look at  those who take targeted action to make their results happen, with impressive eyes.  But I wonder if we really understand HOW they achieved the results they did?

Some folks work out at what tends to be labeled as extreme workout facilities.  Are they really extreme or do they know what it takes to get the results desired? Professional teams have their training camps where speed, agility, clarity, skill and insight are honed.  They’d never consider showing up for their season without first having put their players through training camp. Extreme or expected of high achievers (professionals)?

Have we become complacent at work?  Do we really want to achieve what we say we do?  Participation trophy’s have become taboo in youth sports. A concept once hailed under the ‘make everyone who contributed feel good about themselves’ era has now become an ugly reality for employers.  When bosses have to explain to employees that they don’t get raises for showing up on time every day I really begin to wonder about the bigger picture.  I wonder if the irony is lost on parents who insisted on the trophy for their own kids now being the boss that argues it is results that matter; not merely participation.

For those of you wondering: showing up on time is what allows you to KEEP your job; not get a raise.   What does it take to get a raise? It’s what businesses do to achieve the growth they desire.  Growing, profitable businesses focus less on strategy and theory and more on action and results.   Sounds simple. So why don’t more employees do it? Why aren’t more businesses successful? It goes back to that same look of awe we gave to the kids from Stony Brook when the showed up.   It’s that look we give our workout partner at the gym who, according to our view-point, suddenly looks better than we do.  Are we honest about our lack of commitment and the gym or do we fool ourselves in not wanting to understand what it takes  – let alone do the work – to get it shape?

Is Stoney Brook a Cinderella team? Or a team who understood what it took to conquer the road to Omaha. I’d say they’re the latter.  They get it.  And they Shocked the World.

Follow our blog as we begin the first in a series of 8 posts that will look at the model we’ve used to help many clients achieve the results they desire:  Strategic Design and Business Development: A Tactical  Planning Initiative.  It’s Spring Training for your executive team.  Think about the terms used in spring training – speed, agility, clarity, skills, insight.  Isn’t that what your leadership team needs to drive results through strategic planning?   Our S.I.M.P.L.E process is a unique, comprehensive way to drive business growth.  It allows you and your company to gather the insight necessary to create and/or validate your business model.  Taking it a step further, S.I.M.P.L.E. helps you execute the plan for improved profit, increased growth and to create sustainability. Our secret to success lies in the accountability for the plan.   We make it possible for you and your company to waive the sign that says “Shock the World”.

Nikki Ellison is a business advisor, executive coach and founder of Ellison Partners. Through proprietary skill acceleration programs and assessments Ellison Partners helps businesses achieve results.

© Nikki Ellison, 2012.

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